This is a Special Message for People Looking to Start a New Career in Property Investment or to Grow Their Existing Business... 
and Who Want To Improve Their Financial Future!
“Learn How To Make Life Changing Profits … Without Owning ANYTHING!”

The Land Assembly Course
15th-16th September 2018, Park Inn Hotel, London Heathrow
Hosted By: 
Mark Lloyd
Jackie Reeves
Graeme Stewart
Three Very Successful Property Investors Will Take You Inside The Mind of A Developer And 
Reveal Some Of The Secrets Of The 
Little-Known Land Assembly Strategy.  

Mark and Jackie have been partners for 24 years and built several successful businesses in a variety of market sectors.

We are passionate about helping aspiring Property Investors to build a Property Portfolio and enjoy the financial rewards that come with it.

After buying a property overseas and a buy-to-let in the UK, it was in October 2009 that we made a life changing decision: to sell our existing business and become serious full-time property investors.  

Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves
Founders of Property Mastery Academy

We spent 18 months learning everything we could about property, attending training courses and investing heavily in our property education.

We then implemented the strategies we had learnt and rapidly started building our property portfolio. 

We have used almost every property strategy along the way: Buy-to let, HMOs, Lease Options, Joint Venture deals, Buy to Sell and more to create a large cash-flowing portfolio.

Graeme started investing in property in 2001

In 2005, Graeme stumbled across the highly lucrative, but little known practice, of Land Assembly, which delivers six-figure lump sums of capital, which in turn, enables him to continue to grow his portfolio. 

Graeme has successfully used this strategy for a number of years to help pay down the debt on his portfolio, which fits in very well with our ethos of creating a debt-free portfolio.

Graeme Stewart
Land Assembly Expert

We know what works! 

In 2011 we established Property Mastery Academy so we could share the benefits of our knowledge and experience with people like you.  

We run day seminars and training courses to support and encourage other Property Investors to seize the opportunity and succeed with their property business.

What Makes This Training Course Special?
1. It’s NOT Just About ‘Information’

Information alone is not enough. If you think about it, you can get ‘information’ whenever and wherever you like. Just jump on YouTube or Google. There are literally millions of videos, websites, reports, etc, which can give you more Information.

But that Information alone is worthless unless you IMPLEMENT it.

So why would you take two days out of your life and travel to London to attend? Surely you wouldn’t go to all that trouble just for more information? Of course you wouldn’t!

One of the main reasons you’d attend is because the likelihood of you implementing what you learn is far greater than if you just picked up some information online.

And The Land Assembly Course is all about IMPLEMENTATION.

The Information you get has been tailored for people like you… starting out on your property investment journey.

So everything we share, will be easy for you to relate to.

Meaning, this won’t just be another course you attend and do nothing with. You'll learn how to apply the Land Assembly strategy over the course of 2 days.

In other words, you’ll leave with 
a clear idea of how this strategy works in today’s market and why it may suit you.

2. No Old, Out-of-Date Content

At The Land Assembly Course we’ll be showing you this little known strategy for growing a property portfolio starting this year.

We’ll be sharing something that hasn't been revealed before and isn't taught by other Property Experts.

3. We Practice What We Preach

We aren't just 'theorists'. We are following the strategy we'll be sharing with you right now.

So you can be confident that everything you learn is 100% tried, tested, and proven to work.

We have grown our property portfolio significantly over the years and continue to invest in our business.  We want to share what we've learnt, discovered and experienced with other budding property investors, like you.

This Is For You If...
  • You are just starting out in property
  • You are already an experienced investor
  •  You have an interest in becoming a property developer    
  •  You want an additional strategy to supplement your current activities that will create 6 figure lump sums
  • You are wondering how to move your property business to the next level
  •  You have patience and determination to succeed
  • You want to be debt free within the next 5 years
    Who This Is NOT For...

    As you’ve probably realised, Property Investing is NOT for people who are just looking to ‘get rich quick.’

    It’s NOT for people who are always looking for the latest ‘magic bullet’ or ‘shiny object’ to make their money problems disappear.

    When you attend, you need to understand that in order to be successful in this business, you need to mix intelligent investing with a large dose of hard work. And if that scares you, please do not attend.

    What Will We Be Sharing With You?
    Land Assembly is not just about finding a plot and building on it - it is far more than that. 

    This is a proven strategy, but new to the Property Investment community.

    It is the perfect strategy to complement income generation strategies and to help the government to address the current UK housing crisis. 

    Over the two days, we'll be covering how to:
    •  Identify the different types of Land Assembly deals
    •  Use our deal analyser tool to qualify deals in/out within minutes
    •  Use the funnel process to only spend time on deals that have a high probability of closing
    •  Know how to approach owners and build relationships to maximise chance of success
    •  Negotiate with the owners for a win-win solution

    •  Understand the do’s and don’t of the legal process
    •  Maximise your chance of getting planning permission
    •  Be part of a community of like minded people 
    •  Gain experience and confidence by working on your own deals throughout the workshop
    •  Decide whether to build or just walk away with the developer profit.

    Course Details
    Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th September 2018

    9.00am - 5.30pm each day 

    Lunch, tea/coffee and parking are included

    Park Inn
    Bath Rd
    UB7 0DU
    ***LIMITED TO 20 PLACES***

    Your Investment  
    This course retails on our website for: 
    £1800 + VAT for a single ticket or 
    £2400 + VAT for a couple 

    Register your details here and you will receive 
    a special course price not available on our website!
    ***Limited To 20 Places***
    If you’ve got questions before you sign up
    or you’d prefer to book your place over the phone,

    just call us on 01252 730040 or
    email us at:
    Here's What Some Of Our Previous Attendees Say About The Course...
    "Enjoyed the 2 day session, learned a lot! The course was interactive and practical"
    Bela Bahl
    "Graeme provided great information throughout the 2 days. The level of professionalism shown was superb"
    Clevan Haughton
    "The practical exercises prove that this workshop can be applied in the real world" 
    Jonathan Guppy

    Ok. It's decision time!

    Look, if you’re still reading this page, chances are that you’ve decided to attend The Land Assembly Course.

    Or at the very least, you want to attend, but maybe there’s something stopping you from pulling the trigger and going for it.

    In the past when we’ve spoken to people about attending one of our courses or working with us, it's usually one of these three things that delays their decision or holds them back:

    1. They don’t think they have the time

    We get it. We realise that your most valuable asset is your time. We also understand there is a very real opportunity cost whenever you spend time away from your current business or your job.

    So we don’t take your decision to attend lightly.

    However, it’s an irrefutable fact that the strategies you’ll learn and implement when you attend The Land Assembly Course will save you weeks, months, or maybe even years of messing around and trying to work out how to use this strategy on your own.

    Attending this course really is a relatively small investment of your time and money now, to save a LOT of time in the months and years ahead.

    2. They don't think they can afford it

    Firstly, attendance at this event is NOT an expense. It’s an investment. And a relatively small investment at that (the sooner you register, the smaller your investment!)

    We know with absolute certainty that when you implement the strategies we share with you on this course, you’ll make many multiples of your investment back – and fast! 

    This strategy could easily generate tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in additional income for you.

    Plus, we're giving you a ‘money back’ guarantee, so there really is no financial risk to you whatsoever.

    If you've attended all of both days and you don’t think you have the tools and strategies necessary to start applying the Land Assembly strategy, just let us know and we’ll happily refund your investment in full.

    3. They're not sure it's right for them

    If you aren't serious about investing in property, then this event probably isn’t right for you.

    However, if you’re still reading this but haven’t yet decided to register your place, it’s more likely that you’re questioning your own ability to make real use of what you’re going to learn.

    Remember, when you attend, you will get 2 full days of training from three very successful Property Investors in the UK, who practice what they preach and who will teach you strategies they have learnt and implemented to create their extensive property portfolio. 

    The best way to learn is from someone who has already done what you want to do and knows what works and what doesn't to help you achieve quicker results than if you try to figure it all out on your own!

    All you need to do now is get the ball rolling...

    ***Limited To 20 Places***

    We can’t wait to meet you in person on 15th September!

    Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves

    P.S. Remember, when you sign up today for The Land Assembly Course, you do so with ZERO RISK.

    If after attending all of the two days you don't think it was worth every single penny, just let us know and we'll happily refund your investment in full!

    P.P.S. Still on the fence? Please consider the following…

    WARNING #1: Places are strictly limited to 20.

    WARNING #2: We expect the first 10 places to be snapped up very quickly for the special price.  In our experience (and we’ve been doing this a while!) the special offer price places will completely sell out within a matter of days. If you “think about it” while others sign up, you may miss out completely.

    WARNING #3: In 2018, only budding property investors who employ the most cutting edge investing tactics and strategies will grow a successful portfolio. Most in the industry struggle to make ends meet. And many more are working every hour that God sends in a job for a relatively small amount of money because they haven't yet figured out a strategy that works, that would enable them to give up their job and be financially free.

    So – which of these two groups are you going to be in?

    One thing is for certain... the people who attend The Land Assembly Course will be further ahead in their journey than those who don't.

    The only question is…

    Will you be joining them?


    I want to attend, but I can’t afford to pay for the course in full right now. Can I pay in installments?

    Please call us on 01252 730040 or email us at: to discuss this and we'll see what we can do to help you.

    Do you have a course schedule?
    Yes, however it is flexible so we can adapt it to your needs and current level of knowledge.  To get the most from the training, you need to attend both days.

    ***Limited To 20 Places***
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