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Only available for serious property investors!

A property investors training event… with a difference!

There are so many property investment training and mentoring courses available now, each claiming to be “the best course you’ve ever been on, guaranteed to make you rich!”

Heard it all before? So have we, and quite frankly, it’s just not realistic and we’re sick of it!

The Property Investing Masterclass is your chance to learn from THREE VERY EXPERIENCED INVESTORS where we will share with you our property investor secrets that have helped us amass a large portfolio of properties over the last 8 years - and how you can too! You'll also get a chance to see behind the scenes of our mentorship programme and see if our programme is a good fit for you! And of course, if you’re a good fit for us…

We cannot and will not make you any promises on what you will achieve as ultimately, that’ll be down to you! Those of you who have met me, Jackie or Peter at events or seen us speak before, know that we are grounded and not here to feed your ego to make you feel better, we’re about results.

Learn from our successes and mistakes and discover everything you need to run a successful Property Business, including:

• How we find money
• How we find deals
• Goldmine areas and hot strategies today
• Developer secrets
• How to evolve as an investor in the different markets
• Where and how to get the best deals (year after year!)

If this no bull approach sounds like something you can work with, then click the button below for your preferred date to secure your space on our 2-day Property Investing Masterclass for just £1497 + vat…
A little more info…
On this comprehensive course we’ll show you the ‘ins and outs’ of a number of different strategies and how they can work for you. We will give you behind the scenes access to some of our most successful and recent deals, and how you’ll be able to replicate this success!

We'll show you step-by-step how we’ve helped investors to rapidly grow their businesses with examples you can take and use yourself.

In the time we have together, I promise we won't hold back a single detail, because we want you to have all the facts about what we do and how we can personally help you – no generic one size fits all here! And if you want to work with us in the future, I can guarantee that you won't pay anywhere near the £60k+ that our programme is worth.

This is not a sit back and get rich quick scheme, it’s a genuine route to success – for those who are driven enough to put in the hard work and take control of their future. 

Course Content…
Mindset of a property investor
Investor or Landlord?
Tenant Types
Buy to Let
Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)
Rent to Rent
Lease Options
Deal Sourcing
Buy to Sell
Title Splitting
Short Leases
Finding Motivated Sellers
Commercial Property
and much more
3 for the price of 1
When working with us you won’t have access to just one experience property mentor, you’ll have 3! 

Myself, Mark Lloyd, my partner Jackie and the renowned Peter Licourinos have joined forces to create a ‘real’ mentorship programme – no hype, no false promises – we tell it as it is! 

We only work with serious investors, investors we can genuinely help and those who have the right qualities and drive to do what’s needed to succeed. Is that you? 

The investors below answered yes and all were selected to join our 12-month programme – significantly changing their lives. Read how…
Viv & Ray Mitchell:
When Viv & Ray started working with us they were over heavily in debt and had no money to invest. By the end of their 12 month Mentorship, they were achieving over £6,000 net cashflow per month and won the New Investor of the Year Award in 2014 at the independent Property Investor Awards. Since the mentorship, they have gone onto achieve even greater results and are now netting in excess of £12,000 per month.
Giuseppe Leone: 
Giuseppe was in a full-time job with Shell International as a project manager and although very motivated, he had very little time to spare. By the end of his mentorship in 2015, he had achieved over £3500 net cashflow per month and £150k of equity – all on just 10 hours per week! This enabled his wife to give up work to concentrate on building their property business. Winner of the New Investor of the Year Award 2015. Since then, Giuseppe and his wife have continued to build their business such that Giuseppe is also now a full-time investor.
Simon Harris:
Simon is a songwriter and has written music for a number of well-known artists. Simon joined our Mentorship programme after having researched the market fully and decided that PMA offered the innovative and structured mentorship he was looking for. In his first development, he made £250,000. Simon was awarded New Investor of the Year 2016.
Be like Viv, Ray, Giuseppe and Simon – take action now and reserve your place at our 2-day Property Investing Masterclass. It could be the best £147 (+ vat) you ever spend…
One of the most common questions we are asked is this: If we are doing so well in property, why are we teaching others and not concentrating on our own property portfolios? The answer is very simple:-
1. You can't do every deal (as much as you would like to!); and
2. We are looking for a select number of investors whom we can work with over the longer term forthe benefit of everyone involved.
If you have any further questions before committing to attend the Property Investing Masterclass, please email us at  and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

So if you're interested, buy the course now! 

You won’t regret it!

Kind regards
Mark, Jackie and Peter

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